Process Engineer in Twente

Process Engineer in Twente
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Process Engineer in Twente

The Process Engineer is responsible for supporting the Manufacturing Engineering Manager in process improvements. The focus is on improving all processes within the manufacturing organization with respect to cost, quality and efficiency.

Responsibilities and essential functions:
• Responsible for the testing of server systems with test software;
• Ensure that SPC (Statistical Process Control) methods for data analysis are applied;
• Coordinate the maintenance and storage requirements of quality records;
• Coordinate with manufacturing engineers and technicians to implement corrective actions to resolve quality issues;
• Review all inspection records for compliance and be the responsible authority for the release of customer products after final inspection;
• Assist in the process development and improvement within the manufacturing facility;
• Assess, implement, track, and govern various process improvement phases within the manufacturing area;
• Assist Engineering Manager to achieve goals for resource utilization, quality, delivery and cost of products;
• Implement improvement programs consistent with the site objectives to improve quality, delivery, cycle time and cost;
• Develop active programs in the areas of training and personnel development to improve job skills and performance;
• Assist by actively participating in new product development programs to assure rapid transition into manufacturing.

Special circumstances / working conditions:
• Availability for travel, as needed.

Knowledge and skills:
• Excellent communication, social, commercial, negotiations skills;
• Basic knowledge of MS office – Word, Excel, PowerPoint;
• Ability to effectively train employee’s for their process area;
• Understands and uses continuous improvement tools;
• Basic knowledge of ISO 9001.

• Excellent knowledge of Dutch; both oral and written skills;
• Excellent knowledge of English; both oral and written skills.

• Ability to prioritize work(load) by accurately estimating time and effort required to complete a task;
• Proactively oriented to exploit opportunities and identify potential problems;
• Ability to work in a team environment;
• Ability to use your time, energy and resources in an effective manner to achieve set goals;
• High degree of accuracy and an attention to detail are required.

• HBO level (Higher Profession education);
• Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering or System Engineering.

• 3-5 year of experience in a similar role;
• Experience within manufacturing environment preferred.



Indien  je interesse hebt in de functie en je jezelf, gezien ervaring(en) en vaardigheden geschikt acht voor deze functie, kun je contact opnemen met A. (Allard) van der Veen op het mobiele telefoonnummer (06) 51 137 317. Uiteraard is reageren per e-mail ook mogelijk op